I specialize in fiction, primarily romance, including all various sub-genres under that umbrella (Male/Female, Male/Male, Ménage of any assortment, Erotic romance/erotica, Sweet romance, BDSM (con and non-con), Contemporary, Paranormal, etc.)

I edit directly in your MS Word file (.docx, .doc) using the Track Changes and the Comment feature so that you can easily review each suggestion/correction. This is the most effective editing technique I’ve found.

Comprehensive Edit

Whether called a comprehensive, substantive, global, or in-depth edit, the overall meaning is the same. You will receive feedback on content (structure, flow, pacing, character development, etc.) as well as line edit elements (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.).

The following list, while not exhaustive, should give you an idea of the scope of my editing process:

  • Point of view (POV) issues, including head hopping, deep POV.
  • Showing/telling issues (including info dumps, etc.)
  • Plot holes/inconsistencies and unresolved plot threads
  • Time line errors
  • Character development—consistency of actions and motivations for continued action
  • Story hook/engagement
  • Flow
  • Pacing
  • Word choice
  • Repetition (words and phrases)
  • Passive/Active Voice
  • Grammatical elements, such as sentence structure, dialogue tags, commas/comma splices, dangling modifiers, etc.


If you have a page to list trademarks (and owners) used in the story, I can gather that info during the edit and research trademark owners. This page is not required. It’s completely discretionary.


Editing can include assistance with a story’s blurb as well. I’ll add the blurb to the overall word count, making this a value-added service rather than one that increases the fee in any real way.



A comprehensive edit starts at $.01/word.*

*Figure may vary based on level of editing required. All fees are agreed to prior to the start of edits. For new clients, I will review a portion of the manuscript to establish an appropriate fee.

Note: If you’d like to request ONLY content or line edits (versus a comprehensive edit), contact me to discuss your needs, the available options, and pricing.


I accept primarily PayPal. However, other payment methods may be acceptable. Please feel free to discuss payment options with me.

PayPal accepts credit cards, bank accounts, or PayPal accounts as a payment source; a PayPal account is not required.

For new clients, I may request a partial payment up front prior to starting the edit.

Don’t become frustrated. I will work with you to bring your manuscript to life…the way you envision it.

Ready to get started?