Jae was recommended to me by a fellow author. In our first emails, it was obvious that Jae was both friendly and professional. Throughout our first project together, she gave me invaluable advice and really helped to take my story to the next level. I appreciate the way that Jae works with an author, rather than trying to change the author’s style or voice. Jae is amazing and easy to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a freelance editor!

Christa Tomlinson

M/M Romance Author

I had the pleasure of meeting Jae well before I needed an editor. So when I decided to self-publish my book, I immediately reached out to her. Not because she was someone I knew who happened to edit, but because of her work ethic, knowledge, professionalism, and incredible patience.

Jae is a skilled professional who somehow manages to completely dissect a manuscript—breaking it down into what works, what doesn’t and why. She explains, comments, and offers solutions and insight that are compliant with grammatical/writing rules while never losing sight of the story as a whole or altering my (author’s) voice. And if I don’t agree with a change or understand the reasoning behind it, she actively listens and discusses the point until a solution is reached that works to improve my story.

I have recommended Jae to several authors and continue to do so. She is truly a pleasure to work with and an asset to the publishing world.

Jaime Reese

Gay Romance Author

Jae Ashley has been my editor since 2009 and together we have worked on more than twenty novels. I’ve worked with many editors prior to Jae, but, having found her at last, I would never dream of moving on.

Jae is articulate, well versed in all aspects of grammar and writing style, and always prompt in turnaround. She pays astonishing attention to detail, and is exacting in her commentary and suggested corrections. Even more importantly than her technical expertise, Jae is able to see the big picture. She offers excellent insight regarding both character development and consistency, as well as the overall arc of the story.

I can’t recommend Jae Ashley highly enough. She is truly a gem, and worth her editing weight in gold.

Claire Thompson

NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Romance Author

When choosing an editor, I looked for a professional with excellent subject matter knowledge, good communication skills, and timeliness. Jae Ashley exudes all those qualities but what’s even better is Jae’s ability to walk the perfect line between editorial accuracy and readability. Jae doesn’t get distracted by archaic rules and instead edits with an eye toward a reader’s enjoyment and accurate representations of characters. I’ve been thrilled with Jae’s work at every level and recommend her without hesitation.

Cardeno C.

M/M Romance Author

When I self-published my first work, a few friends suggested that I would want to work with Jae. Naturally I listened to them as they were far more experienced in the writing world than I was. I’m so glad I did! Jae is great to work with. She’s patient (which I need), helpful, thorough. Did I mention patient? Because she really is. 🙂

If you’re looking for an editor, try working with Jae. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Parker Williams

M/M Romance Author